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Chef David Arnold, CEC, ACE

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421 9 Murfield Dr. East @ Peridia
Bradenton, FL 34203 - 4090
June 15, 2009
Deaf David,
It is with much Sddness, both with my neighbors as well as me on learning of your departure, that \
am writing to you. Your management style was very much appreciated. It was truly like d breath of fresh
air and I am very sorry that you dfe no longer here at Peridia.
That you did not judge people by the way they looked or dressed, but rather by their behavior and
the way they interacted with others made an impression on us. Many of us (lfe aware of how you went
beyond the strict guidelines of your duties in an effort to create d better community environment for us.
for one am grateful to you for the time you gave me, usually on the spur of the moment, whenever I
encountered d problem. You never failed to dssist even when you were very busy.
Personally, I would like to see you resume your position here. I know thdt your stdff respected you
which spedks volumes. For whdtever redson things did not work out here, pledse know thdt for mdny of
us, you truly did mdke d difference.
Thdnk you, Ddvid, for dll the good t'hdt you did here dt Peridid. I dm glad for your dcqudintdnce. It
is importdnt for us to dt ledst every now dnd then encounter decent, stdnd ~ UP, respectdble, responsible,
polite, knowledgeable people like you. I wrsh you all the best.
Kind regdrds,
Nancy J. Kapral