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Chef David Arnold, CEC, ACE

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David Hauck

Bradenton, FL




Dear David,
David, per your request of 5/3/09, I have included my personal appraisal of your performance and my personal recommendation.

Details of the Recommendation:


"From a financial standpoint, David's thorough understanding of Club finances and the control and monitoring of the Club's financial condition has resulted in meeting or exceeding budget projections and the total control of our funds. His cost reduction results have been accomplished without a reduction in quality or quantity while at the same time improving member satisfaction.

From a management standpoint, David developed an employee team consisting of individuals with varied backgrounds that work extremely well together. They respect each other, help each other, enjoy working together, and thoroughly enjoy working with and for David. David has instilled in each employee a work ethic that has resulted in each employee giving a little extra which has resulted in our good financial condition and the high level of member satisfaction.

From a planning and organizing standpoint, David continually works hard to strengthen the organization by having Department Heads work closely together as to the problems, opportunities, and successes in all areas of the organization. David is a teacher, a mentor and a very good delegator, all of which have contributed to the development of each member of his staff.

From an Administrative standpoint, David has proved to be invaluable to me as the current Treasurer and as the President of the Association from April, 2008 - March, 2009. His advice and counsel, based on his varied and extensive experience, has helped me considerably, which in turn has helped the Club considerably. He is an active participant in all meetings and does not hesitate to “tell it like it is” whether or not it is politically correct or not. He has always been honest and direct with me and never hesitates to suggest to me when he thinks I am going in the wrong direction.

In summary, in my opinion we have been very fortunate to have David Arnold as our General Manager. He has responded well to constructive criticism and continually works hard to strengthen every aspect of our organization. The quality of all of our goods and services is a testament to David’s leadership and our staff’s hard work and dedication.

David's strengths are his overall job knowledge particularly with all aspects of food planning, procurement, preparation and presentation; computer systems and software; golf course management; financial control and reporting; team building; training and education; communications, both written and oral; and his dependability and willingness to work long hours to get the job done. He is an excellent General Manager, an integral part of the Board of Director/Management team, and a definite asset to the organization."